Your wedding is a fantasy made up of real moments...let us capture these with glamourous sophistication.

Our Cocktail: Take 2 cameras, add your special moments, mix with our artistic flair. Finish with a hint of glamour & a touch of flash...Voila, your custom work of art in which time stands still!!! Bon Appetit!

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United States
For pricing info, contact us at Please provide us with your digits & the type of photography you are interested in.

Nor-Cal: 831.207.5696
So-Cal: 951.830.2345
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We call each other Frenchie & Francie and we are 2 chics that have a passion for fashion, food, photography and all things FRENCH. We are two life long friends that have learned to love big, play hard, shop well and wash it down with a snifter of cognac. We are old enough to know better and young enough not to care. We adore high heels and handbags. Our greatest joy comes from what really matters, our families...we try each day to instill in our children that NOTHING is more precious to us than the time we have with them. These moments are what we like to call the CANDY SPRINKLES...they lend decoration and sweetness to life, inspiring us to add a hint of GLAMOUR and a touch of FLASH.
Bisou Bisou,